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Body Talk

Change Your Thoughts And You’ll Change Your Journey

Change Your Thoughts And You’ll Change Your Journey


    Body Talk

    BodyTalk System, combines elements of both Eastern and Western medicine to facilitate personal Healing and growth.

    By addressing the entire person rather than one specific issue, BodyTalk provides a “whole-healthcare” system that promotes emotional, physical and physiological well-being. Therapists who practice BodyTalk use a number of techniques, all of which are non-invasive, to help those in treatment tap into the body’s natural system of healing.


    BodyTalk is a consciousness-based healthcare system.
    Our body/mind is a miracle of self-repair, if only we give it what it needs. Beyond exercise, nutrition, rest, and
    medical/therapeutic care, there is one thing that we need to achieve when it comes to health & happiness: ‘Awareness’. Awareness heals. It can reduce pain, balance emotions, rewire the brain and reshape the body.

    The BodyTalk system utilizes the power of structured intuition and makes a person aware of their emotional and cognitive patterns and how they link to their body parts, endocrine glands, Chakras, meridians, genetics, environmental factors, past life events, and much more. It does so with precision.

    It works on ‘Do no harm principle’ and is easy to combine with any healthcare system (allopathy/alternative therapies)


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      Did you know?



      BodyTalk utilizes what is known as the “innate wisdom” of the body to heal itself in order to recover from any and all types of injury.


      Every experience a person goes through contributes to that person’s state of health.


      The body communicates via energetic circuitry: Every aspect of our being—cells, atoms, and neurons—are in communication with each other constantly. Each bodily system communicates via energetic circuitry for optimal functioning. Stress can compromise the circuitry systems (the nervous system, for example) and create chronic breakdown of communication within the “bodymind complex.”

      Body Talk Processes and Techniques

      The process of BodyTalk can be broken down into these three steps, the “ABCs” of BodyTalk:

      • Ask: Practitioners pay attention to what the body is doing in order to decipher information. They “ask” the body questions and get answers by observing how various muscles tense and relax. This natural biofeedback loop is used to identify and prioritize the healing needs of the body. Questions are also asked verbally so the BodyTalker can gather information about a person’s experience and begin to tailor treatment to that person’s specific needs.
      • Balance: After gathering information about the needs of the body, BodyTalkers chart and prioritize several ways to bring balance to the body and mind. Techniques such as tapping of the head and chest are used to signal the brain and heart to prepare to heal and restructure. 
      • Communication: The final phase of the process attempts to re-link the systems in the body and repair any lines of communication that have been compromised. Tapping focuses on various points throughout the body, including what are known as the “energy circuits.” More efficient and effective healing is believed to result when systems are restored and energy can flow between them. 

      One of the most important techniques used in the BodyTalk System is the cortices technique. This technique, which is based on the premise that the brain functions electromagnetically and can sometimes “blow fuses,” is designed to bring balance to both halves of the brain by repairing these fused. This process is believed to strengthen function in the brain and body and improve the “bodymind’s” response to stress. In this technique, the practitioner places one hand over the back of the head and, with the other hand, begins to gently tap parts of the head, sending signals to both sides of the brain. This is followed by gentle tapping of the chest.

      This process is repeated for each part of the head, always moving up along the center line of the brain. The tapping is believed to from a “bridge” between the hemispheres of the brain, creating a “standing wave” to allow the energy fields to interact with one another, reopening the electrical communication between both hemispheres. The goal of the process is improved brain efficiency and overall health.

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      Body Talk Process


       Children benefit from BodyTalk by helping them positively navigate friendships, school, ability to focus, and peer pressure.

      Teenagers like Bodytalk because it helps them process and release emotions and stress without having to “talk about it.” It can also help with depression and anxiety and school work.

      The most common benefit after the session of body talk is the improvement of bowel movement.

      It tremendously helps in release of stress in individuals.

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      BodyTalk is whole healthcare.  It’s about understanding the psychology of the body and the influence it has on your health.  In BodyTalk, the whole person is taken into consideration.  The physical health, as well as emotional, spiritual and environmental influences.  It’s about recognizing and releasing the true cause of dis-ease.  The client’s ability to heal themselves is then kick-started into action.

      There are no side effects from doing BodyTalk. Because each session is guided by the client’s innate wisdom, it can never do harm.  The client’s innate wisdom will always know what the client needs.  The goal will always be to heal.  This makes BodyTalk an extremely safe modality.  The most common “After Effect” of a BodyTalk session is a really good bowel movement.  When we do BodyTalk we stimulate the release of a lot of stress.  Much of this stress gets processed through the digestive system 24 to 72 hours after a treatment. 

      Each session is unique to the individual client. However, on average, a session will take between 30 to 45 minutes. The length of the session doesn’t indicate the quality of the treatment or the results that can occur. Even the simplest sessions can be profound and transformational. Initial appointments usually last 75-90 minutes