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Benefits of Pranic Healing

Pranic heals is derived from the Sanskrit word- ‘Prana’ meaning life force. It is referred to as ‘chi’ in the Chinese language and ‘ki’ in Japanese. It was founded by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Today, Pranic Healing is practised by thousands of Practitioners all around the world.

Pranic Healing works by acting on the Chakra Centers in our bodies. It makes you aware of the energy centers/chakras and how they affect your health conditions. These chakras are basically the centers of energy present in our bodies in specific areas.

Pranic Healing works by cleansing the chakras and aligning them. Thus, the working of the Pranic healing can be classified as:

  1. Checking, I.e., scan the body for the areas where there is an abnormality of energy
  2. Energy Cleansing, I.e., cleansing the energy in the body by removing the areas where there are blockages of energy
  3. Replenish the body, I.e., fill the body with Pranic force which helps in healing the body in its natural way. It also involves rejuvenating the body connecting them to the higher version of themselves.

The main principles on which the practice of Pranic Healing is based are:

  1. The body possesses its natural, innate ability to heal itself.
  2. The process of healing gets accelerated when the life force is increased.

Benefits of Pranic Healing are:

  1. It helps in providing deep relaxation and alleviating stress and anxiety
  2. Helps in boosting self-confidence by increasing the self-esteem
  3. Helps in curing chronic illnesses such as kidney, eye, liver and heart diseases.
  4. Provides great peace of mind
  5. Helps in attracting better fortune and more positivity in one’s life.
  6. Makes the overall energy field better which helps in making the person healthy emotionally and physically.

Pranic Healing is performed by our Expert Practitioners here at Home of Wellness, Dubai. Clients start seeing the benefits from the first session itself. They feel uplifted and healed every time. The number of sessions required by each client would be dependent on the issue or the purpose of their visit along with the intensity of the issue. All that is required by the client is to have deep faith and trust the process and the guidance of the Practitioner to heal him/her completely.

For more information about this healing therapy, you may reach out to our team. 

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