Full Moon Meditation Dubai

Benefits of Full Moon Meditation

The Full moon and the New Moon are considered very important events all throughout the world in different cultures.

The moon has an energetic impact on the earth during these times because of its powerful gravitational force. It is said to have a pulling effect on the water bodies present on the earth. Our bodies are made up of 70% of water, thus, the moon has an impact on us as well, affecting our body and mind in profound ways. In the event of the full moon, the moon is said to bring the emotions inside the subconscious to the surface, thus, causing an upheaval in the mind. People may experience feeling stuck at work, feeling irritated or angry even in the minutest of issues. There’s an overall sense of heaviness in the mind, on these days which calls a greater need for meditation.

Benefits of the Full Moon Meditation:


Full Moon Meditation or a New moon Meditation is especially helpful for harnessing the light and the light from the moon during these challenging events. It helps in cleansing oneself emotionally, calming the mind and in manifesting your goals with greater clarity. Also, the powerful energy of the group during the Full Moon Meditation at the Home of Wellness Center provides amplified energy to each soul present there. They experience even powerful meditations during the Full Moon night when meditating with the entire group here at Home of Wellness, Dubai.

The expert guidance received from the practitioner helps in achieving deeper states of mind effortlessly. People feel lighter emotionally, being able to let go of the blockages and the issues surrounding their minds. Also, meditating with the entire group helps in inculcating the feeling ‘I am not alone. Meditating with the same intentions and pure vibrations from the Meditator helps in creating powerful energies which can be felt by each individual attending the event. The benefits also include:

Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Promotes self-confidence and a greater sense of self-expression.
  • It helps in improving concentration, focus at work.
  • It promotes feelings of compassion, affection and empathy

Full Moon has different significance in different cultures. The Buddhists consider these times as very important events for reflecting on oneself in a spiritual manner. It is known to signify time rhythmically in certain cultures. In India too, the pulling effect of the moon is believed to exist because of which this day holds such an important significance.
These meditations take place on the open Rooftop with a beautiful setup, during the pleasant weather. During the Summers, the same set-up is re-created indoors.

Come, join us for the Full Moon Meditations and feel the experience for yourselves! 

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