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What Want To Expect From An Akashic Records Session

The Sanskrit word “AKASHA” refers to the fundamental material from which all things are created. It permeates through us and all around us. Therefore, the Akashic Records are already there all around us.


Beyond time and space, the Akashic Records are a multidimensional repository of unadulterated energy and light. The Records hold an energy record of everything that has occurred thus far and all potential future events, including all of your former lives, decisions, influences, and deeds. The Akashic Records realm is the same one where your soul resides. And what’s wonderful is that by using the Akashic Records, you can re-establish contact with your soul.


Where to get an Akashic Record Session


The Akashic Records have been referred to as the Book of Life or Infinite Wisdom in the past and in ancient religions. The Akashic Records Masters and Guides, who we can contact for help accessing information and direction, keep and preserve this enormous repository of knowledge.



Home Of Wellness is a leading Meditation Center in Dubai, Dina Abdulhadi the founder and healer can help you in accessing the information.


Some of the benefits of Akashic Records sessions are 


  • Finding your Soul Gifts will help you live your Soul Purposes
  • Learning about former lives will help you tap into past skills
  • Clear obstacles and difficult conditions 
  • Understand your soul identity
  • Learn the underlying principles of relationships and their dynamics
  • Get to know your Guides
  • Discover how to access your own Records to find everyday answers. 
  • Get assistance to achieve your goals


Together, with your consent, we can access your Akashic Records to help you heal from past traumas, get rid of anguish from the past, and find a higher expression for your life.

So, book a session with us.

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