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The Connection Between Tarot and Intuition



Tarot, the ancient art of divination, has intrigued humanity for centuries. Often misunderstood as mere fortune-telling, tarot is a profound tool that taps into the depths of human intuition. At its core, tarot reading is a mystical dance between symbolism and the subconscious, allowing intuition to weave its magic and illuminate the path ahead. In this article, we will explore the intricate relationship between tarot and intuition, unveiling the secrets behind the cards and the intuitive abilities of the tarot reader.

The Mystical Dance: Tarot and Intuition


The Language of Symbols

Tarot cards are rich tapestries of symbols, each carrying layers of meaning. Intuition serves as the interpreter, bridging the gap between these symbols and the reader’s understanding. The intuitive reader discerns subtle cues, drawing connections between the images and the querent’s inquiries. Through intuition, seemingly disparate symbols form a coherent narrative, guiding the reader toward insightful revelations.


Listening to the Inner Voice

Intuition in tarot reading is similar to listening to the whispers of the soul. A good tarot reader not only understands the conventional meanings of the cards but also hones the ability to listen to their inner voice. This inner wisdom, often referred to as the sixth sense, allows the reader to perceive nuances that lie beyond the surface. Intuition acts as a guide, steering the reader toward the heart of the matter and unraveling hidden truths.


Empathy and Intuition

Empathy, the ability to feel and understand the emotions of others, is a crucial facet of intuitive tarot reading. Empathetic intuition enables the reader to attune to the querent’s energy, emotions, and unspoken thoughts. By empathetically connecting with the querent, the tarot reader delves into the depths of their concerns, providing profound insights and solace. This empathetic bond enhances the accuracy and relevance of the reading, offering meaningful guidance to those in search of answers.


Trusting the Process

Central to intuitive tarot reading is trust – trust in the intuitive abilities of the reader and trust in the wisdom of the tarot. Intuition thrives in an atmosphere of faith and openness. Both the reader and the querent must trust the process, allowing intuition to unfurl its wings and soar. In this mutual trust, profound insights emerge, illuminating the path with clarity and understanding.



Tarot and intuition share an intricate, symbiotic relationship, enriching the lives of those who seek guidance. Through the language of symbols, the power of empathy, and the creative flow, intuition breathes life into tarot readings. As we embrace the mystical dance between tarot and intuition, we open ourselves to a world of wisdom, insight, and spiritual growth. In this sacred space, the seeker finds not only answers to their questions but also a deeper connection to the intuitive wisdom that resides within us all. Book your tarot sessions with Home of Wellness as we are one of the best healing centers in Dubai.

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