Kundalini- Raising Kundalini is a Necessity For This Time

Kundalini- Raising Kundalini is a Necessity For This Time

Kundalini energy is the most powerful energy yet the least resistant and the energy with least ego. Kundalini energy is present from the birth itself. It’s coiled energy along the spinal cord. When activated with regular practice, the energy flows upwards through the chakras, it gets aligned and the energy is pulled up.

The safest and the most blissful way to active Kundalini energy is through Transcendance meditation as taught by Home of Wellness. To learn certain techniques, one needs to learn in professional classes. That’s why it’s advisable that one should learn and practice these powerful techniques in the presence of experts.

One cannot define a specific time when the kundalini will be activated as every individual responds differently according to their experiences. It is also very important that along with samadhi meditations one should heal the memories of the past as well, which will make the process more gentle and easier.

Every individual has to practice the given technique by the masters with persistence and patience as it’s a gradual process and its also very important to take guidance from the teachers in this divine path of self-exploration.

Kundalini Shakti is the soul power which resides in every chakra as the soul molecules are present in all the major chakras at the time of birth. As the individual grows, certain chakras get blocked by the memories and experiences. So it’s the duty of the parents to give a child the purist environment so that they can grow to their full potential. It is very important for a mother and a father to raise their energy before the conception. For a woman, the most important thing to learn the technique of Karma yoga and heal her environment as women is the source of giving birth and her powerful energy can uplift the whole environment.

There are 3 forms of kundalini- Prana Kundalini, Chit kundalini & Para Kundalini. Prana Kundalini is the activation of a basic form of kundalini.

It is essential to work diligently on all the Chakras and heal all the memories related to every chakra and rephrase all traumas with the help of Karma Yoga healing technique before the Kundalini rises. As the activation of Kundalini will make the person more aware of every thought and action.

The powerhouse of all energy centers is the root chakra or the Muladhara Chakra which is located at the base of the spine. A wise Yogi meditates on the Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra and acquires the full knowledge of Kundalini and the means to awaken it.

When the Kundalini starts rising and the first form of kundalini, prana kundalini is activated, all the desires are fulfilled in terms of money, health and relationships. All the chakras will be aligned and life will become very smooth.

The second form of kundalini is Chit Kundalini, the experience of which is beyond earthly happiness. It’s the state where one gets aligned with the universal Consciousness and the process is extremely blissful and beyond. It’s the state when supreme pure consciousness is revealed and the Universe is concealed. All the Chakras get completely aligned and the energy flows through each and every particle of the being and gets united with the ultimate universal energy.

The third form of kundalini is Para Kundalini which is the highest form of kundalini and one cannot experience it in a physical body. It is the ultimate kundalini which gives rise to the universe. It is the most powerful form of energy which gives rise to the universe. It is experienced by a yogi at the time of death when a yogi is into a pure universal self and leaves the body.

The process of Kundalini Meditation is very subtle and easy when done in a proper way with guidance. In our seminars and retreats at Home of Wellness, every individual feels that shift in their health wealth and relationship. And to maintain that state very effective techniques are taught which includes meditation, source memory healing, special mantras and Karma Yoga which is the most essential thing to maintain the state acquired and to live a life full of bliss joy and abundance. The higher forms of Kundalini can only be awakened through the process of Karma yoga. Awakening the Kundalini initiates a life of abundance, joy, and vitality.

Karma yoga healing does not force the kundalini to rise rather it prepares the body to allow it to rise so that you can experience the ultimate consciousness gradually. It is important for every human being to activate his or her true potential so as to experience earthly happiness as well as the ultimate bliss and to experience enlightenment. You become empowered, compassionate, kind and more aware. Awakening of kundalini activates intuition, focus, will-power and a deep sense of empathy and activates virtues such as loyalty, forgiveness, self-restraint and patience. It allows you to connect to your highest true self.

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