Anxiety and Panic Attacks Solutions

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Solutions

You Can choose to worry a billion times; it will create more worry and anxiety and in return, you can suffer from Panic attacks.

The key to calmness is through healing the unconscious mind.

When a human being has an issue in life. The brain keeps on secreting stress hormone, cortisol, even when the stress is over. Your brain is like a recorder. It has a record of your ancestral information and information from your environment that’s why it keeps on repeating again and again. Most of us look like our father and mother and we think also like them. It is your unconscious mind that thinks, which is 90% of your brain. Your feelings and emotions are like a circuit in your brain. The more you feel in a particular way the circuits become stronger and stronger. Remember your feelings are the product of your memories from your ancestors stored in your DNA and the experiences of your lives. Your emotions, anxiety and panic attacks are the end product of your past experiences of your ancestors and your personal experiences of this life and your environment. The moment you recall these memories you become unhappy and sad and create more anxiety and depression. This is because of your ancestral information in your DNA and while you are in your mother’s womb and before conception also the environment matters. So that means your past is your future and you need to acknowledge and heal that.

Your thoughts are powerful and can make you sick if unhealed. So, it’s better to heal and cure the thoughts of the root itself.

The memories and thoughts can be completely healed with Transcendence Meditation. As with Transcendence Meditation, a bridge is formed between conscious and unconscious mind, as it goes in delta state and beyond. At that stage, you can change what is going to come in your future. For a common man at that stage, there is no awareness so with the blessings of the masters, at that stage one can be healed of the traumas. That is only possible when one comes in the observation of the masters.

As Anxiety is, worrying continuously about the future. Learning the technique of healing one can have a permanent solution for Anxiety and Panic attacks.

The issue is that if you keep on analyzing and imagining things, you will be in a continuous loop of repeated patterns of Anxiety and worry. For that, the mind needs to be trained to stay in the state of calmness and peace. The mind will only be resourceful when the past is not bothering and is completely healed.

With the practice of samadhi mediation, you can lower your brain frequency and can completely heal your memories forever.

If you do not change your emotional state you will be ending up in the crises of disease. You don’t want the tragedy to happen in your life and you don’t want to learn from the pain. So, the best solution is to learn Mindfulness.

Your brain will be trained not to accept challenges, and only accept and attract opportunities. It will start to think about creating opportunities in life rather than challenges. As challenges create stress and fear

Stress, fear of danger, together with a feeling of being helpless and powerless is what causes anxiety. Transcendental Meditation is a deeply relaxing meditation focused on retraining our brain. It heals the limbic brain, a part of the brain which is based on one’s experiences in life.

It is only through a very deep Meditation technique such as the 8th Chakra Samadhi meditation, that one can attain balance and calmness and become resourceful in every situation and can overcome the issue of anxiety and panic attacks.

Heal the past memories through the transcendence meditation and get rid of the persistent anxious thoughts. Meditation and healing will tranquillize the mind and you will attain stillness. The power to say goodbye to the mental chatter is in your hands. Once you learn this powerful technique of Healing, you will be enriched will the wonderful bliss and harmony forever.

This technique will teach you how to live a wonderful life without worry. It will strengthen your nervous system, balance your brain, heal the glandular system and with practice, you will be able to always act resourcefully. It will give you mental clarity and calmness.

The most dangerous thing in the world is to live your life with fearful, negative thoughts and memories of this life experiences and the memories and experiences of your ancestors stored in your DNA.

It’s important that you do not let your mind direct you. It’s a necessity of this time that you master your breath, master your mind and body. We teach very profound breathing techniques as well along with healing and mediation which helps in synchronizing the brain and can instantly bring the state of calmness. The combination of breathing technique, meditation, and healing issues from the source a will heal make you attain stillness and calmness like the water in the lake. And will through you in the awareness that you will be able to recognize even a single ripple in the water.

You can free yourself from Anxiety Stress and Panic attacks and reclaim yourself as a new you. Empower yourself with this powerful technique and you can mindfully live your life.

The time has come that you realize your true potential and empower yourself and heal yourself.

Learn the art of healing yourself. And get rid of the continuous fear of worrying for tomorrow and reframe your life by reframing your past traumas which are causing anxiety and panic attacks. There is no need for dragging your life with sorrow and grief. There is a choice to learn and get healed … We offer the complete solution for all your worries.

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