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Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing


Family Constellation, a therapeutic approach developed by Bert Hellinger, goes beyond traditional psychotherapy to explore the intricate dynamics within family systems. One profound aspect of this method is its ability to delve into ancestral patterns and facilitate healing across generations. In this article, we will journey into the realms of Family Constellation and how it acts as a powerful tool for ancestral healing.

Family Constellation is rooted in the belief that family systems operate under certain unseen dynamics and interconnections. These dynamics can influence individuals in profound ways, impacting their relationships, health, and overall well-being. In a typical Family Constellation session, a group or individual seeks to address unresolved issues within the family system, often tracing these issues back through multiple generations.

The Power of Resolving Generational Trauma

Ancestral healing is a concept that acknowledges the transmission of trauma and unresolved issues from one generation to the next. This can manifest as emotional patterns, relationship challenges, or physical ailments. Family Constellation provides a unique and experiential way to bring these hidden dynamics to light, offering an opportunity for healing and transformation.

How Family Constellation Facilitates Ancestral Healing:

Identifying Unconscious Loyalties:

Family Constellation reveals unconscious loyalties that individuals may have to family members, even if they are no longer alive. These loyalties can bind individuals to patterns that are not their own but rather inherited from the family system.

Revealing Systemic Entanglements:

The constellations, often performed with representatives standing in for family members, bring to light systemic entanglements and unresolved issues. This includes secrets, traumas, or unspoken grief that may have been carried through generations.

Honoring and Acknowledging the Past:

Ancestral healing through Family Constellation involves acknowledging and honoring the experiences of past generations. This process allows individuals to see beyond their personal struggles and recognize the collective burden carried by their ancestors.

Breaking Patterns of Repetition:

By making these ancestral patterns visible, Family Constellation offers an opportunity to break the cycle of repetition. Participants can choose to release the burdens they’ve unknowingly carried and embrace a healthier, more conscious way of living.

Restoring Balance and Harmony:

The ultimate goal of Family Constellation in the context of ancestral healing is to restore balance and harmony within the family system. This not only benefits the individual seeking healing but has a ripple effect across generations, creating a positive impact on the family’s collective well-being.

Ethical Considerations and the Role of the Facilitator:

As with any therapeutic approach, ethical considerations are paramount in Family Constellation, especially when delving into sensitive ancestral issues. Skilled facilitators guide participants through the process with compassion and ensure a safe space for exploration. They play a crucial role in maintaining ethical boundaries and supporting individuals on their healing journey.


Family Constellation’s unique ability to tap into the hidden threads of generational dynamics makes it a potent tool for ancestral healing. By bringing these dynamics into the light of awareness, individuals can not only heal their own wounds but also contribute to the healing of past and future generations. Family Constellation serves as a bridge that spans across time, unraveling the knots of the past and offering a path to transformative healing for those willing to embark on this profound journey of self-discovery and interconnected well-being.