Your Guide To Setting Goals

Your Guide To Setting Goals

Did it ever occur to you that you can actually set goals with the Tarot? Many people believe that Tarot Reading reveals what’s hidden in the future. But the truth is, Tarot helps you to create your future by broadening your vision of what is possible and align your goals with a purpose and make them come true. Sounds magical, right?   Goal setting is a way to step into your full potentials, make evident improvements in life, and contribute to creating change in the world. There are many tools out there that can help you outline your goals, but Tarot cards are the most versatile ones. Your Tarot deck can help you through the goal-setting process by getting more clarity and creating an effective action plan that guides you towards your desires efficiently and confidently. Home Of Wellness provides Tarot Reading for achieving and set your goals.   It all starts with getting clarity. You need to get clear about exactly what you are wishing for. You also need to visualize what it will look like, feel like, even smell like: how it will make your life different. Then use your Tarot cards and ask yourself “What’s coming into my conscious awareness around my dreams?”, pull a card, and see what comes up for you.   The tarot cards you draw can give you more insight into whether or not you’ve chosen the right goal to go after. They may be conveying a more intuitive, unconventional truth. You can go by the traditional meanings of the cards, or by whatever your intuition picks up from the images or energy of the card.   After that, get specific. Write out your goal and look back at your tarot card for inspiration. Remember, your goal should excite you and challenge you! Set a specific time frame to achieve your goal then draw one card for each month to narrow down the ideal deadline for this specific goal and see which month offers the most favorable energy.   Now I understand that change can be scary. When creating an action plan and you see a “negative” card in your spread, don’t panic. Simply use it to ask yourself how can you change that? Thus, coming up with a Troubleshooting plan will help you get a clear view of the way to get past the obstacles and work towards your goals.   The tarot cards you draw for the questions you ask yourself can give you more insight into whether or not you’ve chosen the right goal for you. If any of the more “negative” tarot cards show up, you may want to reassess your goal. Ask yourself “is this truly what I want?” If your answer is still a YES, then follow your intuition! Never doubt yourself. All Tarot cards carry both negative and positive messages.   Whether you try a simple tarot reading to support your goals or create an entirely new spread based on questions that may better suit your target, the tarot can be a great means to moving forward.   “Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” ~ Paulo Coelho
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