Why Does Heartbreak Happen? Is It Possible To Be Healed From Heartbreak?

Why Does Heartbreak Happen? Is It Possible To Be Healed From Heartbreak?

There is coaching for engineering, there is coaching for mathematics, there is coaching to be a driver. Then to have a good relationship, why there is no coaching? Why is no one working on that? Even to work in a factory one needs to have proper training. To handle the BIGGEST responsibility in the life of marriage or companionship, there is no training! No one is working on it. The most important thing in life what matters to you, no one is doing work on that. No one is learning how to manage a good Relationship. If you get depressed because of a failed relationship and you feel that it will never work out and you will never be able to love again, start to do Mindfulness work. You need to heal this specifically through a Relaxation Meditation.

One needs to release the emotions and the feelings of betrayal, of rejection, the emotion that “I am unworthy to have love. This is a tremendous amount of pain and trauma. This needs to be released. This makes you feel that you have to close your heart to protect yourself. Maybe you feel “I don’t have anybody in my life again to love”. But the first thing one needs to have is immense FAITH that there is this person there all ready for you.

A lot of times what happens is that we have these unreasonable expectations as well of having a Hollywood film star because we have been amazed by movies. But in reality, a lot of times we get people with whom we may have issues and these issues need to be resolved. Both people need to work on themselves to upgrade their relationship with Happiness. Learn how to manage a Good Relationship. Often people know how to manage a good factory, how to manage a good business, but they do not know how to manage a decent relationship with their husband or wife.

One reason for this is because they have gone through bad role modelling as well. Their parents may not have been good role models. Secondly, they themselves must have gone through some experiences of abuse, betrayal as a teenager or as an adult. These dramatic experiences damage one’s self-esteem so much that one does not even trust themselves that they can find love again. After releasing these emotions and then choosing to have trust, creating a lot of faith in yourself, amazingly, you will have a wonderful relationship. You can get married and have kids as well. From a starting point of not wanting to be in a relationship to eventually have kids, this shift can happen. Not because of change in the situation, it is because of the change in YOUR OWN SELF.

Unless you are able to work on your own self, to coach yourself, how will you be able to transform and change situations? You have to work on yourself, coach yourself. It is not always about situations. A lot of times it is about you, it is about yourself. A lot of times people may not be nice to you, but to say that all the people in the world are bad is also incorrect. This is the truth.

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