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What Is The Concept of Akashic Records

It is believed that every thought, action and event in your life is recorded in a Universal library known as the Akashic Records.


The word Akashic stems from the Sanskrit word for ‘space’ and it is believed that in a hidden space or realm in the Universe that you can access the book of your life.


The Akashic Records contain information about your soul journey and mission in this lifetime and what energy you have come to learn and leave behind in the physical world. It also contains information about your life on earth, the people you are destined to meet and the lifestyle you are destined to create for yourself.


An easy way to think of it is that the Akashic records are like a super computer which stores information for every soul on this planet.


The Akashic records are also constantly being created, updated and added to. They do not imply that your future is set in stone, but rather they hold information about your spiritual lessons and evolution in this lifetime and from past lifetimes.


Even though the Akasha is known as the ‘Book of Life’ it is not actually written as a book, rather it is a stored energetic blueprint of your frequency that allows you to access all of this information.


Your soul contract is also contained within your Akashic record and can give you clarity and insight on how to align with your highest path and move forward with your Life.


The basic format for asking questions in the akashic records consists of Who, What, When. Where, and one can seek answeres concerning different aspects of his/her life:


  • Spiritual Growth
  • Interactions with friends and/or family
  • Repeating patterns and behaviors
  • Influences from past/alternative lives
  • What is my lesson in this issue?
  • Events that occur making your life difficult

Once a person has chosen an initial area of exploration, then they must formulate their question. The information given from a person’s Records is a direct result from their questions, so how the person phrases their question is going to be important. In other words the person’s question will be answered as it is give, without assumptions as to what they really meant to ask.


In fact, those who have accessed their Akashic records have often received some deep insights about their soul journey, past lives and the different energies surrounding them.

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