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What Is Meant By Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing – The term itself denotes what it is all about.

It’s the process where precious and semi-precious stones and crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst or opals are used to heal a person.

This treatment method or healing method is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice.

There are many around the world who believes in Crystal Healing and practice this treatment method.

In this Crystal Healing method, a healer places the stones or crystals around the person to be healed and tries to create an energy grid. It is widely believed that these crystals placed around the body can create an energy that can be used to heal the spirit of a person.

There are supposedly a lot of benefits that can be attained by Crystal Healing. From fighting depression to bringing peace of mind, the list seems endless.

It is mentioned that Crystal Healing is an ancient form of medical treatment and it was used by priests to treat or align the chakras of a person. It is now widely used by people all around the world as an effective form to practice self-care.

Home Of Wellness Conducts Crystal Healing Sessions

It’s easy to attend a session of Crystal Healing if you are in Dubai, We at Home Of Wellness conducts regular sessions for Crystal Healing.

At our centre at Home Of Wellness, we promote emotional & physical health using the mind-body connection naturally.

We recommend using Crystal Healing as an alternative therapy. In our sessions, we use the positive energy of crystals to take away the negative toxic energy in our bodies.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is used to control and treat various symptoms. An experienced healer can use crystals and improve the positivity of a person.

Some of the main benefits of Crystal Healing are

  • Speedy Recovery
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Emotional healing
  • Feeling of relaxation
  • Healing from illness
  • Healing from injury
  • Helps with physical and emotional pain
  • Helps with suffering, and grief
  • Connect oneself to a higher level of consciousness
  • Enhances a blissful flow of energy

If you have never tried Crystal Healing before, now is your chance to be a part of a session.

There are different types of Crystal used for different types of healing.

At Home Of Wellness, our experienced therapist determines which crystal should be used for a particular person based on their respective needs. Using suitable crystals, our therapist transmits the positive energy of crystals to heal you.

Home Of Wellness – Providing holistic solutions.


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