What Is Guided Meditation

What is Guided Meditation

Before starting any meditation practise, the question usually asked is whether you’d prefer it to be guided or unguided. Guided Meditations allow the meditation practise to be guided by the voice of another person. Our mind, also known as the monkey mind, wanders at all times. Because of this, many people find it easier to relax and focus, when their minds aren’t left to handle using their own devices. It allows you to listen to the instructor’s guidance in an effortless manner leading to transforming your subconscious mind in an easy way. Often carried out in group settings by a (real live) teacher/guide, or by videos or audio-recordings. It is most commonly used in combination with visualization, soothing music, mindfulness, relaxation and journaling.


Generally, in Guided Meditation, it is advised to let a meditation expert guide you through the basics. An experienced guide on whom we can rely, trust and relate to, helps in improving the quality of learning of any skill that we’d want to develop. And when dealing with the intricate and subtle areas of our mind, it becomes essential to have such a guide. Understanding what it is that we’re trying to get through meditation is always a good idea before getting started on a journey for a lifetime. Traditionally, students first get an idea about the way to view what’s going on in their minds and how to approach the exercises that would be beneficial for them. After this, they learn how to meditate for greater proficiency. This is followed by integration of meditation into daily life— unfolding the calmness & clarity into everyday tasks.


The teacher guides the student about the mind dynamics –how it usually behaves during the process of Guided Meditation. The Meditation techniques are also explained. This is followed by the integration of the techniques learnt into the daily lives(integration). There are tremendous benefits of Guided Meditation. It helps people with negativity, anger, trauma, insomnia, anxiety & stress and chronic pain promoting a feeling of wellbeing. There are also a number of techniques used in Guided Meditation to improve the efficacy of the meditation.


These Guided Meditations usually come with a purpose to heal anxiety and stress, to gain financial freedom, to attract abundance and prosperity, to grow self-love, attract sacred love, heal the inner child, heal the fortune, set positive intentions for self, forgive & let go, helping to develop oneself holistically. Exploring these meditations and seeing which fits you the best helps in aligning yourself to goals. Guided Meditations are an easy and inexpensive quick fix to a variety of problems. These Guided Meditations can also be customized according to the needs of the client. Depending on their preference, these sessions can be scheduled with the trainers at a convenient time at Home of Wellness Centre. Each session is unique and leaves the clients delighted. With regular practise these benefits can be experienced in a significant way. These Guided Meditation sessions usually last for an hour.


Come, experience these Guided Meditations and let your experience speak for yourself!

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