What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing?

To understand energy healing, it is important to understand, what is energy? Energy/prana or Chi is the life force that sustains everything from the smallest atom to the entire universe. The atom is held together due to the electrical energy field between protons and electrons. And since everything is made of atoms, everything is made of energy. Based on Newton’s 3rd Law, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.

Energy flows in the body through energy meridians, and any blocked energy in the body or  Chakras causes’ pain, stiffness or disease. Any physical or emotional issue that one has is represented in the body as an “energy block”. The main purpose of Energy Healing is to release blockages and to energize areas that need healing. Law of Energy Healing is a very powerful, effective & an instantaneous healing technique where a Karma Yogi practitioner channelizes the ultimate divine energy through the Nadis (energetic veins in the body) to bring instant healing. Energy healing has the ability to instantaneously heal a person of any physical pain.

What makes energy healing special is that the healer is not using his/her own energy but is channelling the infinite energy of the universe/divine. This ensures that no energy is transferred from the healer to the client, and neither does the healer pick up the energy/issues of the client. As seen in other modalities where healers get unwell due to picking up energies of their client, energy healing through Karma Yoga is the safest, most effective and purest form of energy healing.

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