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What Is Depression And How Can it Be Cured

Depression is a common and major medical condition that has a detrimental impact on mood. Depression has an impact on both your thoughts and actions.


It might be categorized as a mental sadness and/or a loss of interest in pursuits you once found enjoyable.


Thankfully, it is also curable.


We at Home Of wellness offer a holistic way of Depression Therapy in Dubai.


People usually mistake sadness for depression. Nothing can be more wrong. Sadness and depression are two entirely different emotions we feel.


We all grieve at some point in time. Depression and sorrow both have the potential to cause extreme sadness and withdrawal from daily activities. But they also vary in a number of other ways.

What are the characteristics of depression


When you experience five or more of these symptoms for at least two weeks, then it’s time you consult a doctor. These symptoms may be an indicator of depression.


  • You feel down most of the day, particularly in the morning.
  • You experience fatigue or a lack of energy virtually daily.
  • You almost always feel worthless or guilty.
  • You experience hopelessness or pessimism.
  • You struggle to concentrate, and recall information.
  • You have trouble falling asleep or sleeping too much practically every day.
  • You seldom ever enjoy or have any interest in different activities.
  • You frequently consider suicide or death
  • You experience agitation or slowness.
  • You’ve either gained or lost weight.


Other symptoms include: feeling irritable and restless; losing enjoyment in life; overeating or ceasing to feel hungry; experiencing aches, pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive issues that don’t go away or improve with treatment; and experiencing depressive, worried, or “empty” feelings.


We are the Home Of Wellness.


We are one of the leading Meditation centers in Dubai. We have years of experience and experienced and capable practitioners to cure your depression and guide you to health and wellness.


At Home Of Wellness, we see depression as the human body’s natural flight response. It might be thought of as a defence mechanism the unconscious mind developed to shield the person from a dangerous scenario.


Depression is a type of illness that has been linked to losing a loved one, going through breakups in relationships, or suffering financial setbacks.


This defence mechanism tempts someone to spend some time alone. nevertheless, is never the cure.


At Our Wellness Center, we are aware that the true source of conflict is the mind.

The more grief and baggage we carry, the more difficult it will be to come out of it. The issue must be treated from the root, and in this case, from the mind.


We treat your depression with a straightforward yet effective therapy.


For the treatment of depression, we suggest hypnotherapy. At Home of Wellness, we have a skilled hypnotherapist who can treat depression holistically and effectively.


Some of the benefits of our session are 


Treatment for depression considerably enhances performance at work.


It promotes a positive energy flow inside the relationships and aids in their recovery.


In the course of treating depression, the mind becomes more at ease, which promotes sound sleep and improved concentration.


Additionally, it helps to hone the mind, making the memory stronger and improving decision-making skills.


So forget your worries and start afresh.


We at Home Of Wellness are with you at every single step of your recovery journey.


Call us now at +971544615414 and book your slot.

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