Green Jade – Face Roller


Used in Traditional Chinese medicine for years, jade promotes balance, positivity, and calm, and is believed to carry a healing energy that restores harmony to skin

– Physically, this crystal has more resistance on skin than rose quartz and amethyst, so while it’s not as silky and glass-like in texture, it is better for achieving firming and lifting results – e.g. smoothing wrinkles, sculpting muscle, and tightening loose skin

– Contains properties that aid the body’s natural defence system, relaxing the nervous system and eliminating toxins from skin

– Jade has high thermal conductivity, so it quickly and easily warms up to skin’s temperature

– Best used in the morning, since it has a revitalising energy that helps skin to feel fresh and invigorated

– Jade is quite lightweight, so can sometime feel easy to use and maneuver than rose quartz. It’s also a very hard stone, so is unlikely to crack or break if you accidentally drop it

– Best for balancing


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