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Hi good morning
I would like to share my experience first with the home of wellness center
The place the atmosphere and the receptionist guy (forgive me i don’t know his name) are amazing
The place let you feel more comfortable homey Cousy as if you are really home
And the receptionist guy the way he welcoming you and msg in case you lost or don’t know the place
Amazing approach
Well done

Now the another part I would like to talk about it is the Reiki healing I had done it with Medha
I can’t describe the feeling or the energy that I have whenever we finish the session
Medha is now part of me as a good friend , good healer and Mentor to me
I would really like to appreciate her and acknowledge her hard work and how she give the full attention and feeling and support to her client
Am so grateful that I know her and I know this center
Everything about it is amazing

Well done to the Management and thank you for having this center in Dubai.