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Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation is a healing technique used since the ancient times. It is based on the underlying idea that every sound has a vibration and that these vibrations have an immense healing impact on the inner selves.

It is also referred to as the Sound Bath Meditation. Depending on the requirement of the client, the healer plays the specific frequencies of the sound, providing intense healing to the client. The Sound Healing Meditation helps in reducing the waves of the brain into a state of restoration which activates the self-healing system of the body. There are innumerous benefits of sound healing.

Benefits of Sound Healing Meditation:

      1. Its extremely calming: The sounds of the bowls penetrate deeply inside our minds increasing harmony and relaxation.


      1. It helps in clearing the energy blockages in our bodies. It helps you to release and let go of the negative emotions in your bodies.


      1. It helps in boosting and improving your overall health and immunity system.


    1. It uplifts oneself emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It aligns you completely to your inner self. Helps you in healing oneself of any kind of mental illness. It helps in renewing you completely and feeling afresh.

How do you feel in a sound healing Meditation Session?

Every individual attending the session has a different experience from Sound Healing Meditation. Different healers use different modalities as well. Mostly, all individuals feel super charged, relaxed and charged after the Sound Healing Meditation. Some even have transcendental experiences. Some feel so relaxed that they fall off to sleep. It takes others into space and time where they feel they’re floating.

Joining a Sound Healing Meditation Session

You can attend this Meditation either in Private or in group sessions. Group sessions help you to feel the energy more as the energy gets amplified. Private sessions are deep because they offer the opportunity for one-to-one attention and direct vibrations from the healer.

Come join our Sound Healing Meditation session here at Home Of Wellness. For more information, you can reach out to us at info@yourhomeofwellness.com or call us on your contact number to speak to our executives.

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