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Learn About Your Future In Advance And Take Control Of Your Life

The palm art Reading is a traditional and age-old method of divination that is used in many different cultures all over the world. It is the practice of foretelling the future by examining the lines on the palms of the left and right hands as well as the tips of the fingers. Personal qualities and behavioural patterns, such as tolerance or rigidity, are identified using the shape of the hands and fingers, the texture of their skin, and the flexibility of their bone.

Because of the various memories and experiences, we have had throughout our lives, the lines on our hands are as distinctive as we are. The lines on our hands change along with us as a result of these events, ideas, and behaviours, becoming our own life map.

Home Of Wellness is one of the leading Palm Reading Centers that make authentic Palm Reading possible.

We take pleasure in being the Palm Reading Center where each of our clients is professionally guided through their reading to ensure that they get the most out of their reading. We have many years of research and experience in this field.

To ensure that you get the most genuine and beneficial experience possible out of your palm reading, our staff are meticulously chosen from the greatest interpreters, translators, and readers.

Because of our friendly and professional services, Home Of Wellness has quickly become recognised as one of Dubai’s top palm-reading establishments. In circumstances where people are having problems coming up with a solution, we have been able to offer the best solutions, appropriate guidance, and counsel, thanks to our in-depth expertise and years of experience.

We welcome you to Home Of Wellness for a better future with our vivid holistic therapies.

Get to know more about our wellness centre

Who doesn’t want wellness?

Home Of Wellness was founded by Dina Abdulhadi. our spiritual awakening began in 2008. And since then, our lives have taken some very interesting twists and turns on a pathway filled with synchronicities.

At Home Of Wellness, we count it a great privilege to have established so many wonderful friends and connections with amazing people who have improved our own spiritual journeys and exposed us to a wide spectrum of remarkable, paradigm-shifting concepts and teachings.

We at Home of Wellness are quite proud of the top-notch Corporate Wellness programmes we provide. You may relax and de-stress in the perfect environment at our Well-Being Center. It aids you in raising your awareness in many areas of your life.

We are convinced that everyone chooses to incarnate on this beautiful planet for a reason, and we offer guidance and continual support to everyone who wants to be accompanied, even briefly, to a higher consciousness.

Corporate wellness strategies help to create a positive organizational behaviour and a comprehensive plan for the welfare of employees.

Corporate wellness activities support employees to adopt healthy habits and make gains to their health, as well as to their productivity, engagement, and use of human resources.

When employees feel cared for, valued, and empowered at work, they are more likely to invest real, actual money.

We conduct Reiki Healing sessions, sound healing sessions, Rapid Transformational Therapy and various other holistic methods for total well-being.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy

One of the most effective therapies for obtaining immediate and long-lasting results is Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), an internationally recognised and award-winning therapy.

The most advantageous elements of hypnosis, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and neuroscience are incorporated into Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®).

The most powerful healing force in the world, the mind’s ability for healing, is used through Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) to produce unequalled results. It offers a complete, solution-based approach for achieving outcomes rapidly that stick, going beyond hypnotherapy instruction.

Home Of Wellness aids in healing emotional, physical, and psychological situations through Rapid Transformational Therapy by deeply addressing our subconsciousness and liberating us from the cause of illness. It is a very effective method for getting rid of negativity and fostering a good frame of mind. Affirmations support self-healing and the emergence of new behavioural habits. Now, you may receive instruction in this cutting-edge methodology and have all the transformational resources and support you need to be successful on this potential career path.

Know more about Reiki Healing sessions from Home Of Wellness

Reiki is a strong healing method that uses the life force energy that permeates all living things.

The Japanese words “Reiki” (Rei), which means “Universal Life,” and “Ki,” which means “Energy,” are the basis of the name. No specific religion or religious practice is associated with reiki. It is not massage, nor is it predicated on a theory or a conviction. It is a sensitive and effective technique for energy work that uses spiritually guided life force energy.

At House Of Wellness, our exceptional Reiki Healing sessions are designed to provide counselling to single people, married couples, and families.

A person’s “ki,” or energy needs to be powerful and unrestricted. But physical or emotional imbalances may manifest as a result of weak or obstructed energy. This will result in the weakening of our energy. Reiki sessions are helpful to bring back a person’s body and mind back to their full potential and health.

Advanced healing for the body and mind via time and space is made possible by combining reiki with the skills of our skilled practitioners at Home Of Wellness.

Call us at +971544615414 for a reiki session with the best professionals.

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