How To Make Your Immune System Strong?

How To Make Your Immune System Strong?

The immune system is the inner defence system that helps to protect us against disease-causing organisms called pathogens. Not all micro-organisms are bad for us. In fact, without good microbes, our biology does not function. Immunity from diseases is actually enabled by two kinds of defence systems – specific & non-specific. The specific system is tailored to a certain type of pathogens, whereas, the non-specific system repels all micro-organisms equally. The immune functioning also helps to eliminate abnormal cells of the body, such as cancer. Most organisms regularly exposed to in daily life are naturally repelled before they cause any obvious signs or symptoms of the disease.

Now let’s talk about the sensational virus which is on everyone’s radar, the coronavirus. This is a fairly new family of viruses that came into existence for humans and hence, our immune system is not trained to deal with it.

The inbuilt immune system provides nonspecific defence through a number of parameters, such as physical guards like membrane or skin, chemical barriers such as antimicrobial proteins that destroy or harm invaders, and cells that attack foreign bodies and body cells that hold infectious agents.

In the case of COVID-19 virus, the respiratory system is the victim of an attack. The skin and the mucous membrane linings of the respiratory tracts provide the first line of defence against invasion by microbes or parasites. The coronavirus with its spikes gets attached to the membrane and proliferates, leading to rapid spread within the respiratory system. Since the immune system is still new to this invader, in most cases, it succumbs to the virus.

Our body is much attuned to our emotions. Every organ in the body has atonality. The tonality of the respiratory system is to take the “breath of life”. That is why “fear” is a huge blow to the respiratory system as it creates a “gasp reflex” when there is a scare, fear of death or fear of sickness. The brain signals the lungs to take in more oxygen which will make the lungs expand by increasing its surface area.

So fear is the main culprit. If you feel you need to defend yourself from the coronavirus, then you have just flared up your respiratory system and your immune system goes for a toss. You can only attract something into your system that can reverberate with the tonality of the organ housing it. So it can be said that the coronavirus can only stay inside you if you have a vibration that matches its frequency.

When you have unworthiness (feeling of not being good enough), then you are attacking your own self. This is where your immune system also weakens. Your immune system cannot guard you when you attack yourself!

With everyone talking about immunity and the food that boosts immunity being so important these days, let’s understand that something even more important that affects your immunity is – your Emotional Health. Feeling worthy of yourself and loving yourself is the most important to build your immunity.

Research has proven how meditation helps to improve your immunity by relaxing your mind and allowing organic Healing Anxiety & Stress of your body. It is important to acknowledge the real reason behind your unworthiness issues, in order to truly release them and disentangle completely.

So instead of wearing just a face mask to protect you, please send yourself some love to truly protect yourself!

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