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How Does The Moon Effect You As A Person

You might be familiar with the term Sun Sign. When people ask “What’s your Sun Sign?”, they are talking about the sun’s position at the time of your birth. Sun signs are known to define a person’s personality and also to decide the zodiac sign that person falls under.

But not many are familiar with the moon sign.

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun sign and Moon sign are equally important. Both sun sign and moon sign are used collectively to define an overall personality and also to forecast what the future holds ahead.

While the sun sign defines a person’s personality, the Moon Sign describes a person’s inner or emotional self.

As is the sun, so is also the moon. The moon is connected to spiritual practices, and moon meditations are more compelling. When the earth comes right in between the sun and the moon, it appears to be a full moon for us. During this time the moon will be seen as fully illuminated from the earth.

According to Vedic astrology, the moon is an integral part of our lives. The movement of the moon is the basis of starting an auspicious task, or for celebrating a festival.

It is believed by many that meditating on the full moon or Full Moon Meditation can create spiritual reflection.

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71% of the earth is water. It is a proven fact that the moon’s movement will affect the water flow. The rise and fall of ocean tides during the eclipse is an example of how the moon affects the water flow on earth. Our body also consists of about 60% of water. So the eclipses or the movement of the moon is sure to affect our body also. So it is beneficial to do meditation on the day of Purnima or full moon.

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