Home of Wellness– A Wellness Center for Beauty & Skin Rejuvenation

Home of Wellness– A Wellness Center for Beauty & Skin Rejuvenation


In 2010, acne ranked 8th in the list of most prevalent diseases in the world, with a global prevalence of 645 million people. Approximately 80 per cent of people are affected by acne between the onset of puberty and 30 years of age. Diseases are nothing but suppressed emotional conflicts which manifest itself at a physical level when unhealed for a long period of time. Let us take the case of a 25-year-old girl who approached our wellness center, Home of Wellness, for a healing session on acne. She had visited many dermatologists, applied many creams, gels and ointments but her acne wasn’t getting cured. It was during the course of the session at our Wellness Center, that she realized her issue of acne started right after she joined her office and was a result of the public humiliation she started “facing” from her colleagues and boss. Our unconscious mind constitutes 88-90% of the overall mind, storing all memories, beliefs and defence mechanisms. Whatever traumas one goes through are suppressed by the conscious mind into the unconscious mind. The conscious mind also creates defence mechanisms like Anger, depression, Anxiety and denial which stops one from accessing traumas in the unconscious mind. Every disease in the body first starts at an emotional level and then manifests at the physical level. All diseases have a lock and password at the subconscious level, to access the source or emotional cause behind it. Acne is nothing but a barrier or an extra growth on the skin which the brain creates in order to defend itself from facing attacks. The brain is actually acting on the emotional programme in the unconscious mind of “facing attack or humiliation” and creating a barrier on the skin in the form of acne in order to protect itself from the attacker. So when the client accessed the source memories of the issue, she was able to acknowledge the emotions of humiliation, anger, abuse, attack and rejection from her colleagues and hence, release it. She realized that her worthiness and acceptance was not dependant on what people think of her and that she doesn’t have to accept the humiliation, abuse and attack from her colleagues and create a barrier of acne to protect and hide. By releasing blocked emotions from the karmic source memory, one can overcome health issues, relationship difficulties, and financial problems.
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