Reiki Healing

Holistic Methods Promoting Well Being

Holistic health implies the overall wellbeing of an individual combining the mind, body and soul. Health and Lifestyle are very closely interlinked to one another. Thus there cannot be separate sessions for them.


Healthiness doesn’t mean eating and being fit physically only. It is extremely crucial to adopt a holistic approach when it comes to healthcare including the overall wellbeing of an individual. Considering the overall well being only helps the individual in staying healthy in the long run. This approach has long term effects on your health and aims in curing things of the root. The holistic approach aims at the reason for the issue instead of providing a symptomatic treatment for the issue.

Reiki Healing is a technique that helps in curing your problems with a holistic approach. Reiki has its origins in Japan and makes use of the hands over the client’s body, transferring the energy from the hands of the practitioner to the client, taking the negative energy back and sending it to the universe.


The Pranic Energy or the life-giving force is present all around us and it is believed to flow inside our bodies as well. The Practitioners of Reiki healing believe in this. Any sort of interruption in the flowing of these energies affects the mental and physical state of the person. The practice of Reiki is beneficial in fixing this and aligning the energies back to the place.



The benefits of Reiki Healing are:

  • It restores harmony and balance in our lives.
  • The technique of Reiki helps in harmonising the entire body and wellbeing – mentally, physically and spiritually. This helps in providing great happiness to the body from within and makes it effective while performing different tasks.

  • It helps in clarifying the mind and improving the focus
  • .It helps in eliminating the unnecessary thoughts related to the past, letting them go and makes us carefree about the future. It helps you in responding to the challenges of life with a positive frame of mind.

  • Helps individuals suffering from insomnia 
  •  It helps in freeing the mind from anxiety and stress, calming the nerves. Thus, promotes a sound sleep, restoring the natural balance of the body. It enhances the natural ability of the body to heal as well.

  • It helps in strengthening the immunity of the body
  • . Stress and immunity are interlinked to one another. A high level of stress adds to the level of toxins inside the body. Thus, Reiki practitioners help in eliminating the toxins out of the body, making the immunity system strong.

Hypnotherapy is another holistic approach for achieving wellbeing. It awakes the subconscious mind and allows it to focus on positivity in one’s life.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy helps in reducing stress & anxiety in our daily lives.
  • It can also help in providing relief to individuals suffering from insomnia and help you get sound sleep.
  • It helps in calming the hypersensitivity in the stomach. Thus, it provides relief from bowel syndrome as well.
  • It can also help in easing acute pains such as backaches and headaches.
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