Health & Relationship Issues are all a Matter of Karma

Health & Relationship Issues are all a Matter of Karma

From mother-in-law conflicts to divorce, money troubles too difficult bosses, and even chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis and cancer – all issues are an experience one undergoes, and hence, karma.


We teach students how to resolve their karmic issues related to health, wealth and relationships.


The Karma Yoga technique employs this Shiva technique in its true originality. It involves healing the source memory of emotional traumas that your body has subconsciously stored away in the form of suppressed energy, fears and perceptions that serve as defence mechanisms. The stored stress of these traumas such as humiliation, rejection, betrayal and abuse, when triggered, have been found to cause diseases, money problems and relationship disturbances.


The issues in your life are not a coincidence. If you find that you are getting punished more than you deserve and are getting rewarded more than the input you gave, this could be due to the karma of your soul, or the karma of your ancestors through your DNA, or the karma of your environment, such as your family or place you are born in. The emotions stored in the source memory of the issue creates a karmic pattern that needs to first be identified and then healed. If you approach all problems from the karmic level, you will see why your problems exist and why people are doing what they are doing.


In the Healing process, an individual is able to look at the past as a neutral observer and transform the present and future karma in a meditative state by releasing blocked emotions and programs (karmic patterns) that no longer serve them. The meditative state initially taps into a Delta brain frequency (0.1 to 3.9 Hz), and with practice into transcendence or state (equilibrium), during which the body releases healing hormones like Oxytocin, Endorphin, Serotonin and Dopamine, fueling organic healing of the body. The process reprograms your unconscious mind and helps you create mastery over your thoughts and actions.


It has been found that even diseases are a manifestation of biological programs in the unconscious mind like, ‘feeling of intellectual unworthiness because of getting low grades’, ‘feeling of lack of love and support from mother or father’, ‘I am unable to digest the humiliation and abuse’ and so on. If you focus on the emotions and programs stored in the source memory, you will invariably find, for example, that a person with diabetes has a lot of inner fighting going on within them, a person with digestive issues would have a lot of anger, humiliation and anxiety; a person with back pain has experienced feelings of financial unworthiness or is overburdened because of feeling lack of support, and so on. The same concept applies to your work life, your boss, colleagues or customers. All this becomes part of a person’s karma. If you have negative money karma, then even if you change jobs or businesses, the pattern will keep repeating because it’s in your karma.”


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