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Qi Gong : Vital Energy Activation by Aline

Qi Gong : Vital Energy Activation by Aline

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Relaxation & Stress Meditation

stress is a natural body response to changes around you. Stress or fear of a danger, together with a feeling of being helpless and powerless is what causes anxiety.

this is a deep relaxing meditation focused on retraining the part of our brain that is responsible for responding to stress, called Amygdala.

Amygdala is a pair of almond-sized set of nerve cells inside the limbic part of the brain. Based on one’s experience in life, amygdala gets programmed to react to everything around us. it is only through a very deep medication technique such as the 8th Chakra Samadhi meditation, that one can retrain the amygdala so as to overcome the stress response to various situations you encounter. it is only with calmness and balance that you can be resourceful in all situation.

Comfortable Clothes for Meditation & Healing

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Start Day - Friday

End Day - Friday

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2022-06-24 @ 09:00 AM to
2022-06-24 @ 10:00 AM

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