Divorce And Relationship Karmas – How To End The Suffering?

Divorce And Relationship Karmas – How To End The Suffering?

The menace of divorces and broken relationships are rampant in every society. It is a personal experience that often leaves one scarred and traumatised for life. However, the good news is that such experiences can be healed and even resolved for the better! Thanks to Karma Yoga by Home of Wellness.

Taking the statistics of UAE, 28% of marriages dissolved in less than 1 year. The Abu Dhabi Statistics Centre (ADSC) released the Marriage and Divorce Statistics for Abu Dhabi region, which showed that a total of 5,703 marriage contracts were registered in Abu Dhabi in 2017 – a 5.6 per cent annual increase since 1975.

Research suggests that the highest divorce rates occur in second marriages. This indicates that if the scars of the first relationship remained unhealed, the next partner also could have similar karma or even worse.

The unconscious mind is 88-90% part of our brain which is the driver of our life. All our belief systems, memories, traumas and defence mechanisms are stored in our unconscious mind. Based on the beliefs, memories and traumas stored in the unconscious mind, we attract a job, partner, career, school/university etc. You may think you are consciously deciding to do something, but it is your programming at an unconscious level that drives you towards it.

We carry belief systems and programmes from our DNA that we inherit from our parents and forefathers. Whatever our parents and forefathers have experienced is carried forward in the gene impressions and manifests in the life of the progeny, creating a pattern of Relationships, finances and even health conditions. Despite doing their best, people are unable to understand the causes of failure and disappointment in relationships.

In order to get rid of toxic relationships, one has to heal the beliefs, traumas and memories of the past that we are carrying in our DNA.  Through Karma Yoga Healing (Including Mindful Mediation, Meditation Treatment etc) by Home of Wellness, you can resolve your issues with the current partner or attract an eternal soul mate and loving partner in your life.

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