Depression Causes and Healing

Depression Causes and Healing

A preventive kind of healing will be better in this situation and Karma Yoga Healing is the best cure for this Ailment.

Depression is your inner flight mode, when you have this feeling that, I want to escape or go in a flight response. That means wants to run away inwards to protect me. Normally you would do this to protect yourself from heartbreak in a relationship or you want to protect yourself from a future rejection and you don’t want to end up in a bad relationship so you will stay in a sad and lonely frame of mind.

Of course, Depression is more than that but it’s an inner activated program of flight mode. There are 2 modes, flight and a fight mode. When a lion will come to you, you will run away and when a dog is barking you will fight. This is what you use to do in primitive times. Now in the modern world, it has become anger and depression. So the fight is anger and flight is depression so you will go inside.

What happens nowadays is that you go in the feeling that I have to escape myself so that to close myself and protect my heart for being betrayed again by my partner or so that I have to have these struggles of money problems that I am going through so these are some of the ways. Or a loss of a loved one and you go in the inner flight mode because it’s too painful for you to accept that. As you are sensitive to the sadness that you are already feeling so you make yourself numb in these depressive states so that you are not able to feel all those energies and you close your heart.

Your heart Chakra is like a lotus flower, when closed you can feel the constriction and people who get into a depressive state of mind, their productivity decreases. They may have negative thoughts and they get suicidal as well. The technique and meditations that they teach are very powerful ancient Kashmiri Shavic techniques. The healing sessions done at Home of Wellness by the experts is phenomenal and many people from several issues have been healed be it related to physical illness or psychological related issues or money, job or relationship issues.

The technique of 8th Chakra Meditation and memory healing and mantra chanting as taught by experts of Home of Wellness is so effective that it transforms the life in a wonderful way which is beyond imagination.

The symptoms of depression and suicidal tendencies can be seen in handprints, and it can be told beforehand by seeing the palm lines and its important to heal your programs that you are having internally in your mind so that it doesn’t get executed any time you have a situation in your life that triggers your program. The healers and teachers at our centre guide people with the knowledge of palmistry as well. In a palmistry session, they can come to know beforehand if a specific issue is going to occur in future or have occurred in the past so that proper healing is done to heal depression or any painful event or trauma.

Depression is not at the individual level, that is actually at the family level. A lot of people have worked on their individual level for decades through different therapies, healing modalities and meditations but they haven’t really worked on their family karma. The issue of depression is actually carrying from the family soul and consciousness and people are not aware of it. sometimes this kind of information is hidden in the family e.g. an adopted child doesn’t know that he or she is adopted in the family but their actual biological parents are their father died and the mother was in grief while giving birth to the child and eventually gave away this child for adoption. The adopted child is carrying the grief of her mother of losing her partner and the grief is there inside her. She is subconsciously following the dead family member. These kinds of children suffer from weird kind of illnesses and depression and have suicidal tendencies. This is one of the examples. Depression is an ancestral defect and there are various reasons in the ancestral line due to which one has to face depression.

First of all, acknowledging that you have depression is very very important. If you want to properly heal it, you should go to a proper therapist who has worked with different depression cases anxiety cases, obsession cases, phobia cases before and they have been able to give solutions. Only then you will be able to dissolve the depression. The seminars and retreats and healing sessions at Your Home of Wellness is the one-stop solution for everything.

One can change the negative depressive thoughts and can make happiness a permanent habit but learning mindfulness from the trainers of Home of Wellness. Regain the power of your spirit again and live your life of bliss calmness stillness and ultimate joy and happiness. Let all the miseries of your life be gone forever and embrace yourself in the energy of supreme pure consciousness. The world needs to be seen with a different perspective now and it is absolutely possible with Science of consciousness and Karma Yoga Healing. We are helping people to be sufficiently equipped with ancient knowledge so that they come out of their depressive state of mind and constant worry.

Raise your frequency with The ancient technique of Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga Healing. And come in the rhythm of Universal energy.

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