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what is consciousness

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is something that is undefined. Whenever you wish to define consciousness, you have limited it. Consciousness by default is subjective. Every experience that one has is within consciousness. That is why consciousness cannot be defined because whenever you want to limit or define the consciousness or give it a form, you are going out …

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Decoding the family tree

Decoding the family tree REGISTER Decoding the family tree THE ANSWER TO CREATING THE BEST SCRIPT FOR YOUR LIFE We often think of a family tree for making a photo collage or for a kid’s project at school, to know our roots. But have you ever thought of digging deep into your roots to resolve …

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Children Healing Through Mother

Children Healing Through Mother BLOG REGISTER Children Healing Through Mother BLOG The real answer to a child’s tantrums, screaming and not listening… Are you feeling frustrated with your child’s tantrums? Does your child seem unfocused and struggle with studies at school? Does your child seem hyper, distracted or refuse to listen to what you’re saying? …

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