Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger is just an illusion… An illusion that you have created to protect yourself. The biggest lie that people have been told that there is something called anger management. There is no Anger management.

In Fact, when anger comes it ends up managing you. Anger is just a façade. The source of anger is fear. People who are angry have some sort of fear. It can be fear of humiliation, unworthiness, rejection, betrayal, loneliness, and lack of love & support or feeling abuse and attack.

There is a source of fear when your loved ones are hurting you or people in your profession are certainly some issues that make you angry. At that time you use anger as a defence mechanism to protect yourself from these fears. If you don’t heal yourself or resolve the source of difficulty, you will end up having anger. At the point of anger, a lot of people say that for Anger Management you should take ten long deep breaths an eventually your anger will be resolved. It is all a lie. As the issue is not resolved completely by applying this breathing technique. In fact the more you suppress the anger, the more you will explode one day and that’s even more dangerous. You should never suppress the anger nor you should explode it that case Healing helps in resolving the anger by tapping into the source of the problem.

Using the techniques we use, one will be able to go to the root cause of the anger. Will come to know, why anger is coming to them? What is the fear that you are having deep down inside in the subconscious mind that’s causing you this anger? It’s a fear that your parents didn’t love you. It’s a fear that your partner betrayed you.

So understand that is it a fear that’s making you frustrating that you fear losing money that is causing you anger, that you are always angry to protect yourself, that once again you cannot be hurt, that once again people cannot take advantage of you. So these are all defence mechanism that makes a person angry to protect themselves.

According to him, people who create these defence mechanisms are more sensitive to their boundaries and hence use anger to protect themself. He suggests that when you clean the fear, the anger will naturally be resolved. As Anger is just an illusion that you have created to protect yourself.

A lot of people advise that you should do some sort of breathing process so as to do Anger Management to calm down your anger. That is not completely correct. The best solution given by him is that whenever you get angry, you need to be mindful at that point of time that what is the exact emotion that is creating anger for you. So the exact technique is that you need to acknowledge the emotion. Once you acknowledge the emotion that is coming from fear of unworthiness or humiliation or feeling taken advantage of or feeling betrayed, as this is the emotion that is bothering you at that point of time. Karma Healing helps in Acknowledging the terrible fear behind the anger and helps in releasing the emotions and sensations safely from the nervous system.

It is your mind that is angry. Understand that every situation is not under your control. You cannot change the situations but can have control over your mind thereby affecting the situation. Regular practice of healing and meditations makes you more resourceful in every situation and thereby situation will get managed as this wonderful technique helps you to stay calm. So you can do calmness management, not Anger Management. This is the biggest realization.

We can manage every emotion, every situation in our life. It’s just that our mind requires training for calmness management and how to deal with every situation without creating more Anger. Healing is the perfect solution for mankind for a complete mind makeover.

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