Anger Management is Not The Answer to Anger Issues – Find Out Why

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August 22, 2019

One of the biggest misconceptions people have towards finding a solution to anger is Anger Management. Fact remains that its not anger management that works! Simply because if one needs to keep managing anger, then how can one be free from unhealthy anger issues?

Usually, Anger Management makes people focus on signs of anger so that they can immediately stop it with techniques such as deep breathing, drinking a glass of water and so on. However, this is all a way to escape the anger, without RESOLVING OR HEALING the anger. In fact, the more you suppress the anger, the more the chances that one day you will explode with anger which could have disastrous results.

“88%-90% of our brain constitutes the unconscious mind or the unconscious part of our brain”, as rightly said by Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist/scientist who coined the term “unconscious”, where he compared the brain to an iceberg. Hence, 88-90% of our brain is consciously inaccessible to a human. Our unconscious mind stores memories, feelings, traumas and emotions of every single experience, be it genetic memories or right from the time you were in your mother’s womb.

Anger is a DEFENSE MECHANISM created to protect oneself. Every anger issue stems from an unresolved FEAR. The anger is just a façade as the real cause is FEAR. Innate fears of rejection, failure, humiliation, abandonment, loneliness, losing love, attention & support, fear of betrayal, being abused or being attacked are the actual causes behind the expression of anger.

When one feels hurt by their loved ones or somebody closely associated with them, the brain uses the defense mechanism of anger to protect itself from the fear. If you don’t resolve the source of the difficulty, you’ll end up having more anger. The solution is not to suppress the anger or vent it out. The only solution is to resolve the problem from the unconscious level itself, by tapping into the source of the problem. For example, is it the conflict that your parents never expressed their love to you? Is it the conflict that your partner betrayed you? Is it the conflict that you or your family had hardships with money and you fear for your survival? Have you created a defense mechanism that “I have to be angry to protect myself so I cannot be hurt again or taken advantage again”? Is it that you have become over-sensitive about your boundaries and do not want people to intervene, and end up using anger as a defense mechanism?

You have the power to overcome anger issues and liberate yourself from these conflicts. The Transcendence Meditation techniques and  YogaHealing is the answer to clear the root cause of such issues and resolve the anger completely.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Karma?

    Karma is not fate. Karma is a deliberate and wilful action. If you have been betrayed in love, in business, job which seem unfair, this consequence could be result of action done by you in this life, by your spirit in previous life which you are settling in this life or by your ancestors and you are repaying because of the receptors and transmitters in your genes which invite similar circumstances or worse. This is a programme stored in your brain in the form of a behavioural pattern which makes you choose life , job, love, business partner thinking that it will turn out to be good. These patterns are rigid and the map of which can be read in your palm which is connected to your brain. In our Karma Healing seminar, we teach you to alter these patterns under guidance of knowledgeable teacher.

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  • Is Karma a continuation?

    Illnesses are nothing but physiological responses to psychological stresses. Whenever there is a trauma which causes a lot of grief, sadness, anger etc, a lot of energy is lost in the process. To prevent the body from further loss, the mind suppresses it deep. Still the energy keeps leaking as the mind is unable to handle the stress. That is why healing becomes important which is a four steps process- acknowledgment, release of emotions, reframing and disentanglement which literally breaks old neural circuits and makes new connections. Here expertise of the teacher who has immense healing experience is important. This technique can be learned by all as it can prevent future suffering to the person, his family and progenies, as karma is a continuation.

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  • Does anger and stress management work?

    Anger management and stress management does not work. These can never be managed, because the source is not addressed, which is basically fear of humiliation, losing love and support etc, so doing emotional detox, healing will help you to overcome anger and stress issues from the source.

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  • Why do people despite of best efforts are not able to change their financial karma?

    It is because the genes carry information from the ancestors that when money came to them, they misused it which led to undesirable consequences. Since, this pattern is installed like a program, even though 12% of your conscious mind wants money, 88% of your subconscious has rejected idea of manifesting money. Therefore, our genes need to be reprogrammed with new information through healing and also physical action – by putting money to the best use. One of the best ways is investing in mindful education and using money to heal your karma and help your ancestors which will bring happiness. This action will reprogram your genes and will lead to abundance of money in your life.

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  • What is Karma Yoga?

    Karma Yoga is a technique through which you will know the consequences of your actions before taking it.  If the result is positive, you take the step, if it is negative, you take responsibility for it, and then you come above Karma.

    The Karma Yogis know the consequences of each and every action they take.  When you abide by the Law of Karma, applying the ancient techniques, you will be able to foresee the consequences of each action you may take.   This will enable you to choose the highest, best actions bringing the result of joy, happiness, good health, wonderful relationships and prosperity.

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