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Why We Do What We Do

We do this work because we want people to know that there are many tools available for them to feel better. We want people to feel accepted, supported and to guide them when needed. We support people in every state they are in and guide them at their own pace. We want to offer a place where you feel peace, love and get the attention you deserve. 

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Overcome anxiety

It refers to focusing, concentrating and aligning one’s thoughts, mindfully, for getting into a relaxed state of mind and even reach transcendental states. A profound awareness is felt as if one is in a wakeful sleep providing immense clarity

Heal emotionally

The technique of Energy Healing helps in healing any issue, pain or disruption of the Energy flow in your Chakras & meridians in our bodies through the energy of the divine. We offer many forms of energy healing like Reiki, Pranic and chakra balancing.

Benefit/ use

Life Coaching helps you in figuring out the missing passion or the purpose of one’s life. It is also a great help for people who keep procrastinating their dream life. It improves the attention and focus of the individuals helping them to make quicker decisions.


Sound healing has been used since the ancient times. Sound healing uses sacred instruments producing vibrations that change the waves of the brain, releasing the blockage of energy for promoting a harmonious feeling in your body.

Benefit/ use

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that focuses on establishing harmony between mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Benefit / use

Palm Reading does not only depict the future or reveal the past, but also helps to resolve one’s issues. The objective is to give people an additional tool to help identify the issues one is going to create.

Tarot reading provides insight on making right choices and decisions, as well as helps to know about future.

Benefit/ use

Creating happiness and positivity among the employees.

Corporate Wellness Programs help the employees in cultivating healthy habits and in improving their health, boosting productivity, increasing the engagement of the employees and increasing the investments for the human resource.

Benefit/ use

A guide to your subconscious mind to uncover the root of any issue that you are facing in your life now. You will be guided in this session inside your own self to have an understanding of where is this coming from.

Benefit/ use

Bringing your Chakra Centers to alignment.

Chakra are the points of energy in our bodies that are required to stay aligned. This promotes good wealth and health.

Benefit/ use

Make space for a flow of positive energy.

It brings back the harmony and balance of energy in your personal, living, and workspaces at very deep levels.


Benefit/ use

Yogic Breath-work is an ancient science that correlates the breath with the sun, moon and the five elements, helping us to control moods, heal ailments and be attuned to the cosmic rhythm.

Benefit/ use

Nutritional Therapy is the application of science and for promoting peak performance, care and health.

This approach helps the individuals in addressing their nutritional balance and in supporting their body towards maintaining a good health.


Benefits of Meditation and Healing

Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress

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What our customers are saying


Amazing Panic healing it helped us feel relaxed, feel better. I got what I came for in the place. This is a good place to go for unwinding and relaxation.


A beautiful calming space with positive energy in the middle of the city. I loved it and would definitely go back to try all the other interesting meditations that they offer.

Игорь Прогрессор

It is great place. I was on the meditation. Like it very much. We were working with heart chakra, with energy. The villa is spacious, very beautiful inside and outside.


I am so thankful that I found this wonderful place and people. It is the place I go if I need to recharge and just feel in peace! Your meditations classes, healing sessions and guidance helped me tremendously! Thank you so much!


I quit smoking after 5 years of suffering with one session of hypnotherapy with Dr. David Abou Khalil, I am now happy and healthy thank you doctor you are the best.


i really loved my first experience there and the guys were great the ambiance of the place was calming. I had a Tarrot card reading for the first time with Dorra and it went great 😊. She was right on the mark. A bit pricey but worth it.


A great space to learn, let go of the past, heal and grow spiritually. I’ve been to their meditation and the kundalini yoga sessions and I have enjoyed every single one of them. It’s a very peaceful space where you’re embraced with beautiful souls. All their classes are so well priced and I love their collection of crystals and crystal jewelry. Highly recommend them. 🙏


Relaxing & peaceful place, I liked the vibe, I have tried the Reki session with Medha and I felt great afterwards, I came to this center and was feeling sad for no reason for a while, and after the session I felt light and great and I really recommend it to everyone one , I came and I underestimated the Reki and tried it for curiosity but it was a wonderful experience and definitely will go again it. Try it with Medha she is really good.


Staff (Nadine & colleague)were wonderfully warming and helpful both on the phone and upon arrival, the centre itself feels like somewhere you want to spend all day in its lovely. My brother and I (he’s 12) attended a sound healing meditation led by Naresh who was very welcoming and open, if you have never been to a sound meditation healing I’d recommend attending! It was brillant, Naresh used a combination of sing bowls, gongs, bells and tuning forks around the room it felt as though we was lost in a time warp consumed in a beautiful sounds , we left feeling lighter and will definitely be attending again ! Thankyou guys!


Home of Wellness – A one stop center for healing activities. When I visited the place recommended by a very dear friend for the first time, I was pleasantly amazed with the captivating positive energy, I absorbed there. Ms. Dina – the founder and brain child of Home of Wellness has very tastefully designed the place with a lot of articulate attention to detail. Her passion, time taken and effort to put this all together on every level can be felt and seen very clearly. I would like to say, it has been a wonderful experience and my pleasure to have done three photoshoots for their events recently. I sincerely suggest – It’s a must visit for any one who is looking and interested in doing any sort of healing activities with a variety of services being offered by them on different levels with upcoming event being held very frequently. – Best wishes always Dina. – God bless you and Home of Wellness for your future endeavors. – Regards – Fudd’z … (Aka – Fareed Mansoor)


It was my first time to attend for any meditation but it was really a great experience and very relaxing and peaceful place..highly recommend to those who really need help in facing anxiety and stress.


Rumi Meeran , a great , humble , extremely professional therapist . I loved meditation with her and the palm reading was amazing too . Thank you for the informative visit . I am sure , I will keep in touch .


Very well maintained and clean space. As soon as you step in you feel you have come to right place to do a meditation session. Trainers are really helpful and spend good time to answer my questions and reception team are super kind and hospitable.


On the surface, Dubai appears to deliver more than you could ever want or need. And it terms of the material, this is true, but people are realising that we need more than just material things to make us happy. There’s a universe going in inside, and if we do not take care of it, no amount of external gratification will ever satisfy us. I really believe that meditation and mindfulness is the answer. Despite knowing this, I always struggled with meditation. I find it really hard to sit and watch my breath for 20 minutes, and as a result, I always gave up before seeing any benefits. I found Home of Wellness and started doing their guided meditations and I really cannot speak highly enough of them. I could never imagine being able to do an hour of meditation on a daily basis, but this is what I am doing. The best bit is that for the first time, meditation is something I look forward to. Home of Wellness is a hidden gem.


I love the place as it’s designed to make you feel relaxing and at peace. The Meditation was amazing as the speaker makes you feel comfortable. It was an amazing experience.


Great place! Awesome vibe 💚💚💚 Went for guided meditation, amazing experience. Highly recommended 👌


I attended the inner child and forgiveness meditation both of them were really good for releasing all that you don’t need and focusing on the good , thank you 🙂


I met Abeer 3 months ago; the first time I went to see her, I was a complete emotional mess: I had issues at work, at home, with the children and to top it all I was unhappy with myself, no self confidence and a terror of financial drain. My anxiety was so high, I was constantly having panic attacks (sometimes even inside my clothes) and couldn’t fly alone, would not even step into an elevator or consider locking the door when using public bathrooms. I knew spirituality is always good to help de-stress and unload the emotional burden but I would have never believed it to have such an impact on me! If the first session was a novel experience to me, the second one was just mind blowing! Through Thetahealing and Hypnosis, Abeer took me back in time to help reveal reasons of my anxieties; this was an amazing experience that filled me with peace. After the 4th session, I took a test flight to Doha on my own; Abeer had advised to use some techniques to alleviate the fear and all went extremely well. I was meditating daily, using EFT techniques she taught me and always repeating words she would say to me; little by little, there was a shift in the way i was looking at things starting with my job; what had been painful a few weeks earlier was hardly touching me now. Even at home, I could sense that the house was waking up to a better vibe; Hubby and kids were always happy and domestic strains were at their lowest. I knew there was still a lot to do, but seeing such change was just amazing and encouraging. On a personal level I started to accept my image, love and respect myself more. Throughout the years I was a warrior, always on the defensive, which had turned me into a bundle of stones 🙂 Thetahealing taught me that I deserve to be taken care of and to let go and trust that someone bigger and stronger up there is sorting things out for me. My physical pains are gone and whenever they come back, I’ve learned how to erase them. Today the reason I am writing this, is that I have just signed a new job with an incredible position, double the pay and work challenges that can boast the biggest of professional egos! And the most amazing fact is that the same job was on the table just before I met Abeer, but i didn’t manage to get it back then… I know the road is still long and constant adjustments in the mindset are a must, but I am so grateful for the positive changes so far. Abeer is my rock and my true inspiration. She gave me the wings I had always wanted; or let’s say she helped me grow the wings I always had on me but never suspected. Thank you Thank you Thank you


Really loved the ambiance and the energy of the place! Highly recommend it!


Professional dealings covered with warmth and caring from the start of communication til the end of the experience found from all the involved staff


Lovely and zen place! The session I had was pleasant and helped me a lot. I would come back for sure.


Haven in the heart of the city. You immediately sense the vibe of great energy as you enter. The options of sessions they have available is also very interesting.


The moment you go inside , there is good energy and I felt good vibes . The place is simply beautifully designed and soothing and the team are compassionate and helpful . I will def be a regular.


Absolutely well organized place, ambience and every corner gave a positive energy.


Peaceful ambiance, gives you a serene beautiful experience


When I come to the center first I was having a hard childhood pain and heart painall my life is mesirable. After the meditations with rumi I felt good I released my negative and darkness It is process and you need to be always active to change totally your life


Very well organized place, well trained team. Amazing therapy and merchandise offers.


Amazing experience, beautiful centre and very professional people


The place is incredible, the people, the guided meditation was very powerful and healing. The overall experience felt very warm and safe very professional and it was a real pleasure to attend. Will go back soon!


Loved the experience and the Tarot reading that I had 🙂


Amazing Center, serene place and very professional trainers


They have an amazing healing services complements with its serene and relaxing space


They have an amazing healing services complements with its serene and relaxing space


Friendly place with professional team


Amazing experience like no other


Dr. David Abou Khalil helped me overcome my phobia with no time by treating my physical and emotional pain, thank you.




Great Experience


I’m pleased with my visit to home of wellness center. After the first session I already feel more relaxed and in peace with my self. Special thanks to Dharana for handling the session professionally, helping think peacefully and listening to my concerns.


I had sessions with medha and it worked and helped me to move to better shape and healing for my heart and mind ❤️


Professional dealings covered with warmth and caring from the start of communication til the end of the experience found from all the involved staff


I came to Abeer for an energy healing since I was going through a very tough time due to the sudden passing away of my beloved husband due to a medical error. I was experiencing sever mood swings, from feeling extremely high and hyper to extreme deep lows, I was crying over anything and sometimes with no reason, I had a deep raging anger that was boiling inside of me and was depleting me and creating an aggressive attitude. After one session of Pranic Healing I felt calm in an unusual way, the mood swings and compulsive crying stopped, and the level of anger substantially decreased to low levels. I feel I’m balanced in my emotions and more grounded now.


My daughter really enjoyed the kids yoga last Saturday. She said it was fun and relaxing. Many thanks, she is looking forward to coming back next Saturday.


For me the Home of wellness healing foundation is the go to place for my personal peace, happiness and contentment.Learnt the evolution of human life and how we as humans are under the influence of a power and energy that is beyond any comprehension. Thanks to Home of wellness, I am learning so much about life and how to manage it well. The meditations are amazing. The energy at the place is so high & positive that I always leave with faith and positivity. On a last note I want to say those who are yet to experience a meditation or Karma healing at this place, are missing something


Beautiful experience. Superb ambience- calming, soothing and full of positive vibes. Lovely people indeed! Had a lovely morning.


I was invited by a friend at short notice to take part in a chakra healing/cleansing meditation session. For my first guided meditation in years I really felt great during and afterwards. The place itself has a very unique aesthetic with the art pieces, stones, gems, plants…everything really. The people working there are also very kind and nobody that was in the session made me feel uncomfortable to be in a vulnerable place. Overall, happy with the experience and it definitely has me considering more sessions!


For most of my adult life, I had spent a lot of time questioning the beliefs I was brought up with as well as the world around me. As time progressed, I became more and more convinced that only science and cold hard facts could be accepted as reality. As I became more attached to this way of thinking, I also found a lot of physical ailments surfacing in my life. I suffered from- to name a few thing- insomnia, 3 bulged discs, and stomach aches. In an effort to seek relief, I started my journey to expand my awareness and, on this journey, was blessed to come across Abeer. As she worked with me, she imparted her vast knowledge of the different modalities to me, and I began to see my life change. She has helped me to expand my mind and enter a life of awareness. She truly has become a voice of reason for me. When putting her teachings into practice, I have experienced an absolute shift in my life; not just physically, as all of my ailments are now gone, but also mentally and in the people around me. Friends and colleagues are so eager to learn through my experiences because they have seen the change that I have been able to achieve with Abeer’s guidance. They too have experienced a great, positive shift in their energy and as a result, in their lives. Many friends have thanked me for introducing them to Abeer. I am grateful that our paths to have crossed for I would not be leading the type of life I had only dreamed of before without her help.


I recently did a sound healing session with Abeer. She is fantastic with her work. Highly intuitive, understanding; she is blessed with the ability to heal others. Sound healing with crystals was totally new for me and if you are ready to release blocks from your inner self, this is one therapy I highly recommend. Love & Gratitude


Experienced Healers, great Venue. Perfect Meditation Experience


What can I say about the person who touched my heart and my soul so deeply? What can I say about a beautiful elevated soul who shifted my awareness, and made me understand about the beauty and the positive power of our Universe? What can I say about her healing energy and her positive aura that touches your heart the moment you see her? Words are never enough when it comes to Abeer! Words are never enough when it comes to listening to her wisdom and getting inspired by her sessions. Be it ThetaHealing sessions or QHHT sessions. I do not recall a time when I visited Abeer and left her without feeling amazing and in my skin! She is the first person who ever did a ThetaHealing session on me 4 years ago. She is the reason behind me embarking on a spiritual journey! I’m so grateful to have her in my life as my mentor and my inspiration. I am so lucky to have met her and I know it in my heart that she is a member of my soul family! Thank you Abeer for all the light that you spread in this Universe!


Amazing Meditation with Dharana.


I was invited to do a meditation section for emotional detox and it was a great experience. The place is cozy and well designed and I enjoyed every bit of it. Will go back for sure


As soon as I walked in to the Home of Wellness I felt the positive, calm energy. The place is so beautiful, relaxing & the people are so warm and welcoming. The Full Moon Meditation was very powerful and I look forward to experiencing more & more. Overall, I highly recommend Home of Wellness, it was an amazing experience with a great vibe:)


Abeer Ayash is a miracle! When after three weeks of pain nothing else worked for my stiff neck, someone suggested I see Abeer. I walked in with an open mind because well, I didn’t know how exactly her treatment worked. So ‘No choice…. Keep an open mind’, I told myself. She asked me a few questions about my belief regarding the fact we were vibrational beings or something to that effect. Of course I believe we are more than living organisms meant to just live and die. Then she started the session which in the beginning made no sense to me but I was in Alice in Wonderland mode. She took me on a path into my subconscious where I had never been before. My pain kept shifting around the neck, shoulder, then hand then almost disappeared. Session was over. Nothing earth shaking had happened yet. I walked out back into normal world. But I noticed my step was lighter. Then slowly I noticed that my insides seemed to be undergoing a change. Like my entire body system was cleaning itself out. It went on for a couple of days. Not only was I cured of my stiff neck, even my chronic pains of thirty years on my entire right side were gone. I had never felt better. Miraculous!! I called Abeer back to thank her and ask how I could keep myself pain free, always and she generously introduced me to ThetaHealing. God bless you Abeer. You are so so special. Love you.


I did my first reiki session can’t believe how calm and positive i am it was amazing experience i m glad I found home in home of wellness the stuff are so helpful can’t wait for my next session


Excellent service. Really feel blessed to have them.


The centre has a wonderful calm energy, the perfect for healing and relaxation.


A lovely little place with nice ambience that gives you a sense of tranquility as soon as you walk in. Some nice spiritual stuff going on, definitely worth a visit


I was invited to try out a meditation and palm reading class, not something i regularly do. However, it was a great experience and I truly felt it being something id like to do more often. One thing I really like was the feel and ambiance of the place along with the way the staff made me feel! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to find a new place to meet new people and try out some of their classes.


Dr. David Abou Khalil changed my life! I got rid of panic attacks and depression in 2 sessions of Transformational holistic breathing. He is the best healer ever!Amazing experience…e.


Amazing experience… Home of wellness is the appropriate name. Once inside you can feel a different atmosphere.


A true to word calming Centre which catered to my need of mental well-being from the very first step in, experienced the true power of Reiki through Medha Parekh, a very giving and humble soul. The universe sent me to the right place and I am very greatful.


A little spiritual haven, in the busy and bustling city – Dubai. Smells of incense and feels of loving angel energy. Their full moon meditation sessions are transformational. Check this little place out!


In a way it is a little hard to describe this place using words. Home of Wellness’ is a sanctuary. Every single space and corner is thoughtfully designed, every item curated and displayed with love. There is a feeling of zen the moment you enter, and the prices and vibe reflect the complete community and non commercial feel of this Centre. Extremely rare in Dubai. I was grateful to attend the Full Moon meditation and then went back for another meditation three days later. The facilitators are excellent and I left feeling at peace and with a lot more clarity. I certainly will go back every week. Thank you.💙


The Vibrational Art painting was done & given to me by Abeer & ever since I’ve had it in my room, I’ve slept better & deeper without any interruptions. The energy in the room is very smooth & light as well.. & ever so often I clear the energy in my home and in this room, the energy is always cleared thanks to the painting :):) thank you Abeer and keep them coming 🙂


Since a year and a half, I have become a family guidance and trainer and worked with parents in helping them face their challenges with their children, and I started taking many courses to enrich my content. ,,, I learned how the human mind and brain work, and the importance of positive affirmations, and I learned how a person’s awareness is the effect of his life and how his subconscious mind is controlling his life and all these things have linked it to our children’s life. After these courses, I booked a session with Abeer, and my goal was to raise my level of concentration. I used to say all the time that I did not have anything to recover from or to heal. I am someone who expresses her feelings fully from since I was a child. I lived a very happy childhood, at school I was a rebel, and a lot of situations happened to me, but I did not know that these attitudes have left a deep impact on me. During the session I discovered that my expericnes from school time needed deep healing, to the point that during the session and at the time of contemplation, I cried from a situation that I thought of to be simply normal and I was shocked that I was hevaily affected by it .. Do not underestimate the subconscious mind, and anyone who feels he has a problem should not hesitate to book his session. I started the journey of emotional healing and I hope that everyone would invest in themselve by doing the same without hesitation, if you have any challenges, I recoemmend that you book these sessions to resolve them.


Dear Abeer, let me inform you that my healing session with you acted as a turning point in my life. In the last two years I have moved into learning and practicing healing and recently Yoga Therapy. Of course, I got into meditation too. Doing so for the last two years. Since 2019 I have been also writing for a major newspaper on meditation.. So, thank you very much for facilitating my healing.

Anya Kay

FINALLY – a wellness studio that doesn’t force sales on you, has a BEAUTIFUL interior, REASONABLE prices and authentically represents what “healing” is supposed to be about; RELEASE and not a new addiction. Even when that addiction is self help, it’s still an addiction. So many wellness and healing centers in Dubai that I have been to, attempt to trap the client into their profit loop. Clients become dependent on a series of treatments, jumping from one emotional addiction to now another. But this one, they are charged by the hour for. At Home of Wellness this hasn’t been the case for me. It’s the first studio I actually want to hang out at after a class or a session without anxiously worrying that someone is about to approach me and sell me something. And the absence of this type of “selling” actually makes me more enticed to enquire about other things the studio offers. It also makes me happy to recommend them to my friends (which I absolutely do).

I have done 2 types of their group classes/meditations and loved both! Terrific atmosphere, educated and well spoken instructors that make you feel comfortable, and safe to “let go” of any shyness or awkwardness you naturally feel in group sessions.

Also a beautiful selection of crystals (again at very reasonable prices for Dubai)


With Abeer session I could understand what was happening in my subconscious mind and the stories I have embedded inside me through these 30 years. This session was a kind of unblocking my entire life vision and made me see clearly the patterns of my life including why these patterns were there and what was the learning. Powerful realization that is a must for anyone that needs to move on in life and take control of his own journey. Thank you Abeer from my heart for giving me this freedom that I needed mostly


I have done karma healing sessions with Abeer and it was the most profound experience of my life – I went into it somehow sceptical and had zero expectations for the outcomes but it was utterly worth it. It helped me understand certain behaviors and their subconscious roots. It made me calmer and with the weeks following I started seeung many signs of improvement in my mental health, my relationships and my mindset. Abeer is kind and patient and her calm energy transfers to you within seconds. She asks the right questions at the right time and puts you on track with your subnconsious thoughts and feelings in order to get the maximum of the session. Thank you Abeer, I am forever grateful.


It was a superb experience, unique in its own way, relaxing as well as energizing at the same time. The whole experience of meditating under the the full moon was pure bliss. Thank you,


An a amazing place to meditate and change your life


I couldnt recommend this center more more highly!!! They really helped with my anxiety and gave me many answers i didn’t even know i needed.Their Meditation Space setup is cosy, tranquil, and filled with positive energy. I also absolutely loved their Tarot reading and Palm reading sessions, they really were eye opening. And the staff is really comfortable to talk to and their radiant energy is very contagious. Much Love


I have been looking for a place where I can have meditations and internal healings. I went to this place for a Mind training exercise. I have to say it really was amazing. I started to learn to look into things in a positive light. I can highly recommend everyone to visit this place.

Abeer Ayash

This is your go-to place to relax, heal and reconnect. From healing and wellness sessions to Coaching, to workshops to meditations, to wellbeing products,,, all is there to help and support your wellness path

Hear from the customers




Home of wellness

Home of wellness

Ghalia Jabr




Kids feel calmer

Hi good morning I would like to share my experience first with the home of wellness center The place the atmosphere and the receptionist guy (forgive me i don’t know his name) are amazing The place let you feel more comfortable homey Cousy as if you are really home And the receptionist guy the way […]


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